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Commercial opportunities

Branding and profiling on the website

As a lead website sponsor, you will have your logo prominently appearing on the whole of the website.

"Diabetes NNF is a dedicated information platform for diabetes care professionals who want to be kept up to date on how professional roles are developing, what different service delivery is achieving, what is going on in diabetes care services.

Advertising on this Diabetes National Networking Forum information platform will provide a range of benefits including:

  • 24/7 round the clock visibility of your services and solutions
  • Reaching Diabetes Care professionals from every corner of the country
  • Tailored messaging and content which you can update
  • Support your product and service launches
  • Extend your thought leadership and leverage multimedia formats
  • Underpin your presence at the Diabetes NNF events

Sponsor one day or across a range of forums

These Diabetes National Networking Forums events have a long and successful track record of delivering targeted industry professionals and return on investment for our sponsors. With many established events, our team of experienced conference producers continue to create cutting edge forums which are rigorously researched to reflect the current trends, challenges and opportunities across diabetes care.

We provide a range of turnkey and customised sponsorship options. Sponsoring has proven to create new connections, expand sales, and elevate the profile of organisations’ services and solutions.

How suppliers and providers of diabetes services can get involved

If you would like more information on the different opportunities available or if you wish to discuss your needs and what solutions may be appropriate for your business, please contact: Sarah Kemm on 01732 897788 or email: sarah.kemm@sbk-healthcare.co.uk.

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