EXTOD Sports Coach & PE Teacher Online Training

EXTOD Sports Coach & PE Teacher Online Training
£100 inc VAT Online
Online Course
Thu 18 Jul 2024 08:30-12:50

EXTOD Sports Coach & PE Teacher Online Training is delivered by EXTOD and organised by SBK Events. This unique online forum is created to equip Sports Coaches and PE Teachers with the knowledge, inspiration, and practical understanding of how to support your Type 1 diabetes students to undertake safe and effective exercise.

Also taking place:

EXTOD Parent & Carers Online Training, Wednesday 17th July

EXTOD Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Conference, Friday 6th September 2024, Engineer House, Bristol

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Featuring evidence-based presentations, practical learning and useful resources

If you are taking a child with diabetes for PE or if you are coaching them in sports then it is recommended that you know how to treat their diabetes before, during and after the activity. This half day course will arm you with the tools and techniques required to help manage glucose around exercise. Book your place and benefit from:

  • Hormone and metabolic responses to exercise in health and disease explained
  • Keeping safe with exercise: focusing on finger and continuous glucose monitors
  • Practical group learning: how to use glucose monitors, hypostop and glycogen
  • Interactive discussion: identifying useful resources to improve your confidence
  • Techniques used to control glucose around exercise

A unique opportunity to build your understanding of diabetes and exercise

In this engaging online environment, you will be able to pose your questions to the experts, engage in useful discussions and turn your camera on for practical group learning. In just one morning, you will:

  • Receive invaluable guidance on different types and intensity of exercise, diet and insulin levels
  • Develop your understanding of continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps and closed loop systems
  • Network with fellow PE teachers and coaches to share your challenges and solutions
  • Leave the session confident in your ability to support your Type 1 students to safely undertake exercise

Invitation to sponsor

This online event is a great opportunity for providers of diabetes technology and treatments to support sports coaches and teachers. To find out more about all the engagement and branding opportunities available in the full sponsorship package, please email Sarah Kemm or call Sarah on 01732 897788.

Join, tech support and opportunity to network in breakout rooms
  • Who are you, where are you from and what would you like to take away from the day?
  • What is your experience of working with students with Type 1 diabetes?
Introduction, instructions and leader’s opening remarks
Hormone and metabolic responses to exercise in health and disease
  • What fuels are used when exercising?
  • What hormone changes happen with exercise?
  • How does the body respond to different exercises and different intensity of exercise?
  • What is different about people with Type 1 diabetes in terms of these factors
Featuring: Exercise (type and intensity), diet, insulin levels
Keeping safe with exercise
  • How continuous glucose monitors work
  • Target glucose levels for exercise
  • How to treat hypoglycaemia
  • Keeping technology safe
Featuring: Finger and continuous glucose monitors
Screen break
Practical group learning
  • How to use glucose monitors
  • How to use hypostop and other hypo treatment
  • How to use glycogen
The audience will be placed in smaller groups, with camera on, whilst learning about these topics
Interactive discussion: identifying useful resources
In the same groups, sharing experience and ideas as to what materials or training would be helpful in improve knowledge and confidence of supporting children and adults with Type 1 diabetes to exercise
Techniques used to control glucose around exercise
  • How people with Type 1 diabetes control their glucose around exercise
Featuring: Exercise, diet, finger and continuous glucose monitors, insulin, insulin pumps and closed loop systems
Close of online forum

EXTOD faculty

The content is evidence based and delivered by members of the EXTOD faculty who are all experts in T1D and exercise including:

Professor Rob Andrews

University of Exeter

Professor Parth Narendran

University of Birmingham and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Mr Giorgio Carrieri

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Matt Cocks

Liverpool John Moores University

Mrs Claire Foster

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Miss Anne Marie Frohock

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Alistair Lumb

OCDEM, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Mrs Barbara Hudson

University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Miss Manyee Li

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Dr Katie Hesketh

University of Birmingham

Mr John Pemberton

Birmingham Women’s and Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Who should attend?

Are you a physical education teacher, working in school or college, teaching sport and fitness to young people? Or are you a coach teaching sports skills to individuals and teams of all abilities? This event will prepare and enable you to support someone under your care with Type 1 diabetes to enjoy safe and effective exercise.

Past attendee feedback

Exercise for Type 1 Diabetes (EXTOD) was set up in 2011, and regularly provides structured education programmes to support safe exercise for people with Type 1 diabetes. This bespoke education series has been well received by both HCPs, adults with T1D and carers. Here are just a few quotes from HCPs who experienced the 2023 conference held in Oxford:

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“Great conference, really useful general tips with useful overview of latest research and inspirational speakers. Really appreciated the signposting to available resources”
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“Really good content and informative. Good mix of lecture and workshop”
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“I loved the workshops as opportunities to practice what we had learnt in the lectures. These were great and well run”
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“Excellent content, found it really interesting and have learnt so much”
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“Excellent sessions, a lot packed in and learnt a lot and very inspired by the speakers!!”
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“Speakers were inspiring, extremely knowledgeable and great at sharing their enthusiasm and learning”
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“An excellent meeting. My understanding and management of issues around exercise has improved”
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“Great presentations and workshops. Speakers were happy to answer questions, interact with participants”

Pricing structure

  • £100 inc VAT (£83 + £17 VAT) - half day price for sports coach and PE teachers

If you are not a coach or PE teacher, but would like to attend, please email Sophie Richardson directly.

Commercial companies are invited to sponsor this day. Please email Sarah Kemm for further details.

How this online forum will work

Once you have booked your place, SBK Events will correspond with you using the email address you provided at the time of booking. Within one week of the online conference taking place, you will be sent final details of the course including a full agenda, programme timings and your Zoom joining instructions. This email will include a joining link that can be used to access the conference.

If you have not received your email two days before your event, do check your junk folder then contact SBK Events on 01732 897788.

Practice sessions are available. If you would like to attend a zoom practice session before the event takes place, please let us know by emailing bookings@sbk-events.co.uk. You will have the opportunity to meet an SBK Events staff member who will ensure you are able to access zoom, that your camera and microphone work and you are fully set-up for the day. This is optional but if you do wish to attend, please use the same device that you plan to use on the day.

On the day, when registration starts, you will be able to join the conference by initially entering a waiting room when there may be a short wait. When you are automatically brought back into the conference room for the start of the conference, you will be asked to turn off your camera and microphone so that the chair can start the forum. During each presentation you will be able to ask questions in the chat box function. The forum will include screen breaks, as well as topic themed interactive sessions which will take place in the breakout rooms.

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Terms and Conditions

Registration fees
You will be sent an instant payment option or invoice on registration. Your payment is required in advance. If your fee has not been received prior to the event, and you are not able to provide a PO or proof of payment, you will be asked to make a credit or debit card payment on the day.
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Cancellations and substitutions
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Conference changes
It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the conference organisers to alter the content, speakers or the timing of the programme. We will endeavour to keep you abreast of such changes but any unavoidable change to the format will not constitute a reason to refund the fee. Should the event be postponed, we will endeavour to reschedule the event. If, for reasons beyond the control of the conference organiser, the event is cancelled, a full refund will be made. We do not accept any liability for any incurred costs resulting from a postponement or cancellation.
Certificate of attendance
A certificate for Continuing Professional Development will be given to every attendee, as a record of continuing professional training and development.
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Upcoming events:

These events are delivered by EXTOD, organised by SBK Events with full details available to view on the Diabetes National Networking Forums website.

EXTOD Parent & Carers Online Training

Wednesday 17th July, live training, online via Zoom
Regular activity is a great part of children’s lives and this online forum will help parents and carers to plan for and support their diabetes when exercising. This one-day online course will arm you with the tools and techniques required to help manage glucose around exercise.

EXTOD Sports Coach & PE Teacher Online Training – half day
Thursday 18th July, live training, online via Zoom
This half day online course will arm physical education teachers, or coaches with the tools and techniques required to help children or young people in their care to manage glucose around exercise.

EXTOD Healthcare Professionals South Conference
Friday 6th September 2024, Engineers’ House, Bristol
This new, one day forum is created to equip Diabetologists, Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Dietitians and Paediatricians with the knowledge, inspiration, and practical understanding to support T1D patients who exercise.

EXTOD Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Conference
Saturday 7th September, Engineers’ House, Bristol
Providing interactive tools, clinical cases, shared learning and problem/solution-based tasks, this training day will support adults with diabetes who find exercise challenging.

EXTOD Healthcare Professionals National Conference
Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th November 2024, Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh
Featuring evidence-based presentations, case study led workshops and invaluable lived experience of diabetes and exercise.

Why sponsor?

Our role at SBK Events is to bring industry together with healthcare professionals so that you can educate and inform your audience. These trail-blazing diabetes delivery forums offering dedicated presentation, Q&A, networking and discussion time, each sponsor will be full immersed into the event and able to effectively engage with your NHS audience.

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SBK Events also provides in-house forums. Working closely with you as the client we can research, produce, market and deliver the conference or online forum that best suits the audience and meets your goals.

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If you would like more information on our sponsorship options an in-house forum or if you wish to discuss your needs and what solutions may be appropriate for your business, please contact:
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